Friday, September 23, 2011

Error while Synchronizing SSAS database

While doing Google, I found that most of the professionals are facing following error message when they are trying to Synchronize the cube between two servers.

Database synchronization started.
The physical TCP/IP connection failed: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.  
The peer prematurely closed the connection. 
Backup and restore errors: An error occurred while synchronizing the 'AdventureWorks' database. 
An error was encountered in the transport layer. 
Database synchronization failed.

Following is the screen shot for the same.

If you want to synchronize the SSAS database from one server to another then your active directory user should have administrative permissions on the destination SSAS services. I have already mentioned the steps in one of mine blog for the same.

For resolving above mentioned issue, run analysis services with domain user who has admin rights instead of local system account.
Follow following steps for the same.

  • Logon to SSAS "Destination server" (i.e. the destination server on which you want to Synchronize SSAS database from source server).
  • Open "Computer Management" (you can open "Computer Management" simply by typing shortcut "compmgmt.msc" in the "Run" window).
  • Under "Computer Management", expand "Services and Applications" node and then select "Services" node. 
  • Under Services panel, right click on "SQL Server Analysis Services(MSSQLSERVER)" and select Properties.
  • Under Properties window, click on "Log On" tab and select option "This account" instead of "Local System account". Mention the credentials of the active directory user who has admin rights (i.e username and password) and restart the services.


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